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KY River Lot

For Sale by Owner

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Once was my dream home but my dreams came south and I followed.

I built this house to be my dream house and to live in the rest of my life. I held no punches and designed it and built it myself. It was at the best place on the KY River and I enjoyed some great neighbors. There are no security issues, no high traffic areas, and there are always friends around when you need them.

After a few years my dreams changed and I moved to Florida. Of course as I had built a large house with all the extras to include some that are still there I had a problem selling it for what I had in it, so I rented it for a few years.

It burned December 2009 so now I have cleaned up the burned stuff and have the lot for sale with improvements.

The improvements are of course:
     Septic tank and septic system lines
     Underground Plumbing to septic system
     Geo Thermal Underground system
     Basement Walls
     Basement floor 40' X 60'
     Driveway to the upstairs
     Retainer Wall and landscaping
     Underground Electric Service
     Gazebo with upstairs Study
     Walkway to the River Boat Dock

The real advantage of the house is the natural beauty of the Kentucky River.
It is not an improvement as it has been there for ever and always will.

All it really needs is a house built back on the foundation. If you used a plan of 40 X 60 it would be an easy fit. Otherwise some altering would be necessary.

Here are some pictures of before the fire:


10/2009 Here are some after the fire:

6-2010 Now after the clean up it looks like this

From the Kentucky River

This is what really makes this property what it is......

You can contact me if you are interested at or cell phone at 239-283-8045

You are welcome to go to the OPEN house, anytime

Thanks Much

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