Wayne Reed
Somewhere in between

Me – Just a simple man with a simple plan… which is now to find the mate in life to plunge through life’s next venture, which could be traveling in an RV around the States, traveling third world countries, back to Florida traveling the inter-coastal’s, Horseback riding,  or just working around the house and having friends over to play cards. Of course another option is all the above and more.

My Mate – Mate??? what is that.  Had a few good ones and let them get away.
I am finally ready for the right partner. I have eliminated any “Luggage”, have no debts, a little saved and my mind is clear. I have plans I could include the right person in or I could just change my plans to meet hers. Just looking for that chemistry.
Now I am in search of a mystery and I may never find it. Got one in mind?

My Present – I sold most of my toys and properties and want to sell anything that won’t fit into My little house, a Boat or RV.  My next step is to downsize the work/storage trailer to a more manageable one, just big enough for my motorcycle and minimal tools.
Then I want to downsize my boat to a more realistic size. Sure, mine is nice, but I could still squeeze out some space and have the same comforts. Maybe even more efficient and economical to travel with and even get it off the grid. 🙂

My Goals this year 2020 – seems like they are similar to last year. Funny how that happens… 🙂
1- Again – Loose this extra weight, no number just more comfortable.
2- Sold or gave away my properties. When in Florida I still live aboard my boat ( a Motor Yacht ) but have it for sale. Would like to find a smaller Trawler so I could travel the intercoastal in affordable comfort on it.
3 – Find that special someone to spend the rest of my life with. She should be Honest and have a Good Positive Attitude. Maybe even cook healthier.

My Family – I have my Sister (whom I would give my world to), two great kids  (whom I am very proud and they already have the world), and one now deceased whom we all miss beyond description. They have produced a bunch of grandchildren (whom are learning what life is about) and oh yea, a few “Great” Grand Babies (what a surprise, I thought you had to be old to have them).  Miscellaneous others I have adopted over the years. Yep, love them all.

My Friends – Sometime I run across some special people in my life and just kind of get adopted or adopt someone. These people I call true friends.  They share in an unusual belonging and regardless of how often you see them, just knowing they are there is a great feeling.  I am blessed with both sides. Like family, I would go the distance to help these people.

My Future – My plans are to travel… any way, any where…  I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to many countries already and some such as South Africa more than once, thanks to a wonderful family I have been adopted into. I am just curious how the rest of the world actually survives. I like to see how different countries look and the different ways people exist. Americans are raised to believe we have the very best of everything, but I know that is not true from the little bit of travel I have done.  But we do have it very well, better than most.  I am not afraid to admit I am a Trump Supporter and I believe his heart is in the right place. If he needed a group of us to build the wall or go march on the Capital, I would in a heartbeat.

The After Life – I am sure there is one and I hope it is good for us all.  I have tried to treat others as I would have them treat me, live a good life and tried to fulfill my obligations so if I were to go today, I would have no regrets. Of course like someone said, I am ready to go, just not today.

My Belief – I believe we are loosing our freedoms daily and it has become a way of life.  I believe the closest to freedom we have is on the water or in the air. I believe every child should serve time in either college or military or both, they don’t get that kind of training at home. I believe a day without a hug is a wasted day. I believe if we are forced to give up our guns we will have lost all our freedoms. I believe Government already has to much control. I believe if you are still reading this you are a part of my life, whether you know it or not. 🙂

Summary – I don’t plan to live forever… just about another 50 or 60 years and I will turn in this ole depleted body so I can start over in a new one. Hopefully I will do it right the next time. This time I was a lifetime student in the school of hard knocks. Next time I hope to try the early education method… I strongly suggest it to you younger whipper snappers. Especially in tomorrow’s technology. WOW is all I have to say about that.