Me – Here it is 2021 and I am still healthy.  Even  though I am still a little overweight  and feel as healthy as I did 30 years ago I do understand my body won’t do what my mind thinks it can.

I have made some changes in the last year . I am living in Kentucky helping family members in their business. I had forgotten how pretty  life can be here in Kentucky. Even thinking of a second home or house boat on Herrington Lake

I tried the KETO diet and lost a lot of good meals.  Now I am doing it a little different and just concentrating on eating less portions while eating better qualities. Sure could use the help of a cute dietitian. 🙂 This Covid 19 social distancing isn’t working for me. Staying home just makes me eat more and miss out on a lot of life. Now people are running to get the SHOT so if everyone else gets it I won’t need it. 🙂 Might wait till BC Powder comes out with a serum. 🙂 I am sure the VA will schedule me in when it is necessary.

The VA says all my numbers are right where they should be.  Feeling better physically and trying to figure out what the next step in my life is going to be. Walking needs to be a big part of it and I am trying.

That brings up lots of options, but for now I am open to finding the mate to share in the next step.

I now have my Real Estate License and joined my children at Calumet Realty and even though I am through with my training and ready to roll and even have a few things in the works I am still learning things online to help me promote my new business. If you have read all this so far you should know by now… I could use some listings. 🙂 I will go the extra mile because that is the kind of guy I am. It is not enough for me to list a property in MLS and wait for a buyer, I want to learn to really promote it the best I can. Give me a chance and see what I can do. Check me out at WayneReedRealtor.com or Facebook at: WayneReedRealtor

I am also developing my Turtle website and it should be online soon. check it out at www.ImperialTurtle.com. eCommerce is getting to be the new norm. Also on Facebook at: Turtle-Island

Updated 3/2021